Welcome to eugeniop’s blog

When I got my first professional job as an engineer, I got a UNIX username (a QNX actually) and it was eugeniop. I’ve used that since then. Albeit together with some other aliases that generally co-existed. Most notably, the totally intuitive DM27 in an IBM mainframe which apparently was frugal with characters (EBCDIC ones, that is).

Many years later, when I founded a company with my brother in arms, I had the unique opportunity to use my first name alone. I was literally employee #1 (or #2 depending on the day), and “eugenio” is quite uncommon, so I could easily have it. But I couldn’t let go of the long tradition of going by eugeniop.

Not that I regard traditions very highly. I actually broke a likely centuries old Italian tradition of naming my first male son after my own father. The only unbreakable rule I have is that rules are rarely unbreakable.

This blog is written for me, and for my children mostly, because I’m at an age where I start to think about the day I’ll not be around anymore.

All opinions are mine. Not my employers. All content is eugeniop’s.

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