Happy 4th of July. We are never going to sell the KG.

So we’ve got the new floor pan from our friends at karmannghia.com:

2015-07-05 11.23.44

Looks great, now we’ve got renewed pressure to accelerate the removal of the body. Today we made a little progress, but progress nevertheless.

1. Unlocked the steering wheel axle.

2. Removed the horns (that never worked)

3. Removed the fluid container for windshield cleaning.

All has been properly bagged and tagged for the future:

2015-07-05 15.47.33 2015-07-05 15.47.25

And fairly easily too. Just a little messy and dirty. I think I’m going to pressure wash everything soon. There’s so much dirt accumulated everywhere. I’m sure there are seeds of extinct species in there. Any botanical experts interested?

This car has lived a lot under a pine. There’re pine needles everywhere. I wish it could talk to me. But even though it doesn’t speak (only roars and coughs sometimes). It is definitely telling us a story: this one.

I’ve refrained from throwing away anything, but the most broken things. I think we are going to try salvage and repair as much as we can. Rubber kits, we’ll need a lot. Wiring too.

Yesterday was July 4th and in good Americana tradition all the neighbors met on the street for BBQ, beer, catchup, and some (very timid) fireworks. It is always a great event. We live in a very tiny street with about 10 houses. I counted at least 7 countries represented so the BBQ is very eclectic. But I digress. The big news was that one of the neighbors got curious about our little project, and offered to connect me with a potential buyer for the car. That’s encouraging and flattering. We are not selling though. I will never sell this car.

My next conundrum is the plasma cutter: Aye or Nay. Wire welder is an Aye for ample majority.

One thought on “Happy 4th of July. We are never going to sell the KG.

  1. Enorme proyecto!, me alegro que estés cumpliendo sueños de chico, yo los recuerdo!!. Joaqui, un gran compañero de aventuras, tan hermoso!

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