Becoming a Spartan

Many people ask me why I like running OCRs (Obstacle Course Races). Many don’t get why I would voluntarily spend a few hours rolling through mud, climb ropes to nowhere, dive under freezing cold (muddy) water, crawl under barbed wire, carry a 100lb rock around with no specific purpose, and generally end up with a few bruises, some minor cuts, and scratches all over; and return home with dirt and mud everywhere.

What is the point? they ask. They are right. There’s no obvious point. I am not fighting a war. I’m not escaping from anywhere.

I don’t run competitively. I am not looking for a trophy or medal. I don’t care about passing other runners. I do it because it is uncomfortable and difficult. The purpose is simple: practice discomfort. When “real”, unexpected, unplanned discomfort arrives by fate; I am trained. I am less stressed, not surprised, less concerned, more hopeful, and generally better prepared.

Let’s say I ran out of gas driving my car. And the nearest gas station is 5km away. It might not be fun to walk 10Km with a couple of 2 gallon gas containers. Having run a Spartan race, I know I can do it, with ample margin. Uncomfortable? Yes. A preferred situation? No. The end of the world? not even close.

Train for life. Train with life. Train by life. Aroo!

One thought on “Becoming a Spartan

  1. Estoy muy orgullosa como madre por tu voluntad, desafios a vos mismo y busqueda de tus sentires. Adelante, siempre adelante.

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