Behold WD-40!

Stuff is coming out pretty easily. No bolts can resist a little WD-40 it seems. I wish I had a powered tool, but hey, we’re not in a hurry. This time, we removed:

  1. The rest of the lights (now that we know where things are it is much easier)
  2. The front bumper (which is all bolted)
  3. Other minor elements on the front

The original color of the car is green. The white paint job is not great. It looks like they just sprayed it over the original. The driver’s front fender is blue. So there might have been a major repair there.

2015-06-06 16.38.332015-06-06 15.51.34

No major rust (except right floor pan that needs to be replaced completely, or almost completely). That’s good news.

The electric system is going to be replaced entirely. Cables are old (original?) and all dry. There are some “fixes” which are very low quality. We’ll improve all that.

This site is awesome:

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