Detour from the original plan…the body will float

More parts are coming out this week:

2015-06-20 16.27.11 2015-06-20 16.27.062015-06-20 16.27.21

No nasty surprises, except the right floor pan that is in very bad shape:

2015-06-20 16.27.46

We thought about just cutting it around and replace it piece by piece, but I’ve decided that we will remove the entire body of the car, because….why not? It is all bolted to the chassis. All we really need is a mechanism to lift it up. And that will be fun to build on its own!

As I scratched my head on how to build that, I looked up the ceiling of the garage and there is a nice electric motor to lift the garage door :-). But no, it will not be sufficiently powerful I think. We’ll figure something out. It will be fun to see the body hanging in the air.

We removed the gas tank, which is in reasonably good shape too:

2015-06-20 16.27.30

That cleared up access to the front body bolts and the steering. We’ll need quite a bit of sanding all around of course. And some POR15, which I plan to use to cover everything non-visible eventually.

Once we remove all parts attached to the body, we’ll fix the floor pan. (welding! yeah!). Inspect, fix all mechanics, and then start body work. And yes, we’ll drive the car with no body, because…why not? That will be memorable.

This car is a joy to work on. It is so simple, that the most basic tools got us a long way. And because we have no deadlines, and we’ve got an indefinite lease on that part of the garage from wife/mom, we are enjoying every part of the journey. The actual goal indeed.

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