The Books That Shaped My Life – College

When I started college, I found myself surrounded by people….like me! We were all nerds. I met my great friend Rudy, with whom I started my first company. He then married my sister and we become not only great friends but also family.

He went to a german school, and through him, I got immersed in the german culture. I studied German for a few years and got quite fluent in it. Es ist Schade, dass Ich es sehr selten üben kann.

Through him, I met new people, and one of them (Sebastian Goelitz) introduced me to the world of science fiction. I discovered Isaac Asimov, Philip Dick, Frederik Pohl, Brian Aldiss, Fredric Brown, Theodore Sturgeon, among many many others. With their books, I rediscovered the wonders of imagination. I read so many of these books.

The ones that pop to mind and have been very impactful:

  1. All of Foundation and all R. Daneel Olivaw (Asimov)
  2. The Helliconia trilogy and Galaxies as grains of sand (Aldiss)
  3. Gateway (Phol)
  4. More than Human and The Dreaming Jewels (Sturgeon)

I wished I had their imagination, and I am grateful I discovered them.



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