EY – Entrepreneur of the Year – 2018 – Pacific Northwest

Last night I attended the Ernst & Young gala in Seattle that celebrates the “Entrepreneurs of the Year” on various categories.

I won the “B2B Software and Services“. Which was quite unexpected! My category was full of amazing companies, including my friend Manny Medina’s Outreach.io.

I enjoyed the process and was impressed by EY organization and commitment. And I had a lot of fun throughout it. Also very impressed by al the other (nominated and winning) entrepreneurs this year. Each one’s story was very inspiring.

EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

This was my acceptance speech, inspired a little bit on my previous post on “self-made men”:

Standing on this podium, it is tempting to think I’m here on my own merits. But I believe that “self made men” are a myth.

Countless people have contributed to our lives, and I’m no exception. My parents and grandparents, my sister, my family, my wonderful and always inspiring wife, my children, many teachers, coaches, mentors, managers, colleagues and my team. All of them inspire, love and help me every day.

And while this award has my name written on it, I like to think it belongs to me as much as it belongs to all of them. 

Thank you all, and thank you EY.

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